Kenmare and Macarons

Kenmare and Macarons August 6, 2017

Kenmare is a cute little tourist trap with lots of shops, including sweet shops in county Kerry (from whence the name of the famous butter— Kerrygold). For those of you who don’t know what a macaron is or looks like, doubtless there are all types, but the French ones are the most famous, and the Irish, not to be outdone, produce just as sweet and colorful ones. The town is also famous for its lace making (which is how some of the women here survived the famine years in the 1840, selling their lace).


Behold the macaron. You can gain weight just looking at these things. Or perhaps you would prefer the following…mac2mac3

Notice it says loose chocolates. I’m wondering if that means eating it sets you on the road to ruin?

Me, I prefer the bakery where they also had real espresso. mac5mac6

We did visit the lace shop, where Ann got something for her sister. mac7mac8mac16

But for me, since music soothes the savage breast, and is the food of love…I preferred the music shop most of all.

I could have spent hours trying out some of these stringed instruments which I play. But instead, I had to settle for….

Everyone deserves their just desserts.

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