Let’s Go for a Jaunt

Let’s Go for a Jaunt August 7, 2017

The Ring of Kerry is one of the most beautiful of all areas in Ireland, by all accounts. Gorgeous lakes, pastoral scenes, and a national park, Kilarney National Park. First, here is one of the smallest lakes in Ireland’s equivalent to the Lake District in England…jau

There were jaunting carts aplenty traipsing through the park, so we went for a ride.

jau1jau3 The same family has been providing jaunting cart rides for over 220 years here in this area. Our driver was a real wit…. he served up Irish aphorisms like ‘if love is blind, then marriage must be a real eye-opener. jau12 The driver of a jaunting cart is called a jarvey.

The nice thing about such a ride in the Park itself is that you get a bit of an overview of the park, which is full of things to see, including red deer, once an endangered species. You can also go boating….

Right on the edge of the park is Ross castle….jau6jau7 We had our group photo taken here by the castle and the pond.

Also just on the edge of the park is a cathedral…a big cathedral. St. Mary’s Cathedral, a Gothic Revival cathedral built in the 19th century. I snuck in while we were waiting for the bus and took some shots. jau8jau10jau14jau15

And for a diffeerent kind of Irish wisdom, there was this in the cathedral…

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