Standing Stones– Mysterious Scripts

Standing Stones– Mysterious Scripts August 8, 2017

Since time immemorial, people have been fascinated by and pondering the meaning of stone circles and standings, especially those that seem to have patterns or writing on them. Naturally, our thoughts gravitate to something like Stonehenge on Salisbury plain, but in fact there are far more such stones, and more impressive ones in some respects, in Ireland. On the south side of Dingle Bay, there are the Dunloe Ogham stones. sto1sto2 If you look carefully you will see the man-made strirations or cuts in these stones. But what do they signify? Originally, these stones lay flat on the ground, making a roof for some subterranean structure. Could it be a tomb?

Ogham is the earliest system of writing in Ireland, dating at least to the 4th century and used for 500 years. The letters are strokes cut across or on either side of a vertical stem line. It is read from the left, bottom up, across the top, and down the other side! The code has been deciphered and most of the inscriptions are personal names. Four hundred ogham stones have been found in Ireland and western Britain. But there other sorts of stones, and circles out there…

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