A Welk— Not Lawrence

A Welk— Not Lawrence September 10, 2017


Take a good hard look at what I’ve got in my hand. The pictures do not do it adequate justice at all. This little intricately designed conch shell, or welk is so tiny and yet so beautiful, so artful. And you have to ask yourself— what is the point? Obviously welks don’t float around in the sea admiring each other’s looks. And much of the symmetry and beauty of the spiral design has no real or at least little functional purpose. It’s just beautiful to look at. Who exactly could design something that small, that intricate, that jaw-dropping awesome? Well some say that the impersonal processes of nature or evolution could come up with something like that. Really? I do not believe it. This tiny thing is fearfully and wonderfully made, and if there was some micro-evolutionary process involved, it was for sure designed by and guided by a personal hand that cares about beauty, and more importantly a hand that cares about inspiring awe in his creatures made in his image, who know about and care about things like beauty, and truth, and love.

While you’re thinking about that, read Psalm 8, and ask yourself— do I have that sense of awe over God’s creation that radiates from that Psalm? Do I realize that God cares about the tiniest things, including that welk, as well as the bigger and more important things too? Read what Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount about God caring even for the smallest birds, and the hairs on your head. This is not a Creator who started things, and then walked away not caring what happened thereafter. No this Creator was and is hands on. He is still creating and recreating. He made that little welk, and by a providence I found it in June on our favorite beach, Cherry Grove Beach. It’s a small miracle I even noticed it washed up on shore with a thousand broken shells— it spoke to me when I picked it up. It was too small to put to my ear and listen to, but still I could hear it whispering— ‘did you see my label, where I came from?’ It said– designed in heaven, assembled on earth.

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