The Conrad-Caldwell House— The Inside Story

The Conrad-Caldwell House— The Inside Story September 9, 2017

Let’s start on the front porch, and work our way through this remarkable house. Notice the detailed stone work. con1con3

Once inside, you have to turn around and look back towards the front door. con4 Most noticeable is the impressive woodwork with the dragons…con5

But then the woodwork is one of the outstanding features of the entire downstairs…
con6 con8
Notice as well the hardwood floors…con7con23

There are stained glass windows and cut glass windows all over the house….con10con12con17

The wallpaper and the curtains and window trimmings are equally ornate. con19con13con14con15

This light fixture in the parlor is of interest as it is half electric light and half gas light. The ones pointing downward are the electric ones…

The downstairs dining room and the study continue the ornate theme…con20con21con22

The pantry not only has the kitchen prep room, but behind a hidden door, the one ton safe where all the silverware and valuables were locked up every night. People didn’t trust banks back then…. and 1929 just reinforced this feeling.
con24 Note the cookie cutter molds. con25 The ladies of the house had major parties of various sorts, and one sort of elaborate party favor they gave out were called Dresdens, because this is where they were made…con26

The upstairs was mostly less elaborate than the downstairs, and in the upstairs hallway, a still functioning pump organ for a little light night music….con27 Here’s the master bedroom…
con28 And the children’s bedroom…con29 An upstairs parlor…

A lady’s primping station…
con32 Unfortunately, Ms. Grace was deaf, and so needed a listening trumpet….con33 Here’s one of the toilette…

Hopefully, this gives you a picture of ‘gracious living’ at the turn of the 20th century…

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