The Avengers Infinity War, Infinite Fighting

The Avengers Infinity War, Infinite Fighting April 29, 2018

O.K. so what is all the shouting about in regard to this film? Is it really the epic harmonic convergence of all the themes along the way since Iron Man 1 hit the screen? Well, not so fast my friend. First of all, the cognoscenti are saying this is only part one of a two part blockbuster (spoiler alert for those who’ve not seen the film yet— DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH) and it better be, because Thanos, the colossally sized bad guy, kills off lots of our favorite super heroes— including Spidey, and Dr. Strange and even Groot.

On the plus side for this film, its nice to have so many of our favorite super heroes interacting in one film, (not however Hawkeye or Ant Man or the Wasp). It’s fun to see the interaction between Thor and the Guardian of the Galaxy favorite, the raccoon, who insists on calling him a rabbit! And some of the romantic relationships are at least given lip service along the way as well. And as one would expect of a film that has the word Infinity War in the title, there are a ton of fighting scenes…. indeed way too many, causing this film to go on, and on, and on—- 156 minutes worth. Frankly, this was not my favorite Marvel film, though it had its moments, and though I must reserve judgment overall until the sequel, or second half comes out. Meanwhile I do not want to run into Thanos (played by Josh Brolin no less) in a dark alley.

If too much fighting and too much mayhem is not your Marvel pick to click, I’d suggest waiting on the Ant Man and Wasp film which looks fun and comes out later in the summer. I do not recommend this film for young children for two good reasons: 1) too much violence, and 2) even the killing of some of the good guys the kids like. I’m still traumatized by seeing Old Yeller and Bambi when I was a kid, so do your child a favor and skip this one.

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