Exploring Greece, Israel and Jordan– Part Two

Exploring Greece, Israel and Jordan– Part Two June 21, 2018

There are in fact lots of bronze objects recovered from the sea and from archaeological sites all over Greece, many of which are common objects from the home, such as a matron’s mirrors— mirrors were made of highly polished bronze, and Paul refers to this as well— not a perfect surface to see your reflection but it could be quite good…..

Handles of various sorts were also made out of bronze…..

Also decorative pieces and household deity statues….

And people would even write on soft bronze, sometimes there were curse sanctions on small pieces of the metal which were anathematizing others and were rolled up and rolled into the sanctuary of the god one wanted to curse some enemy. Remember Paul saying ‘no one can say anathema Jesus and be his follower?

Here finally is a bronze door…..

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