Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan– Part Fifteen

Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan– Part Fifteen July 13, 2018

There is a nice small museum in the recreated Stoa in Athens. It includes items found in Athens, but also from elsewhere. Here for example are some beautiful alibaster bowls from before NT times. There is of course a lot of decorative vases and curios of various sorts, for example, look at this There are as well some nice statues and steles outside the museum in the corridor under the Stoa—-

This is apparently Herodotus, but the statue was made in the 2nd century A.D. and he is dressed in Roman rather than Greek style. Here below is a grave stele, with a scene of the gods watching on, as someone transfers from this life to the Underworld.

The sheer artisanship of the ancients never ceases to amaze, for example consider these beakers and pyxs…. They date to 1700 B.C.

Much can be learned about the grandeur of ancient Greece from spending time in these museums, but it also makes one hungry….. hence, the next post.

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