Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout July 12, 2018

Here is the famous lighthouse on Cape Lookout. The diamond pattern is meant to be more visible from afar, for it is here that the cross currents and sandbars become so dangerous to ships. The little island where the lighthouse is is well maintained, indeed there is still a caretaker of the island and a caretaker’s cottage—- Yes that’s my 91 year old Mom, Joyce, walking up to the house. There have been horses on this island as well….

No one is quite sure how they got there, but it goes back at least to the 17th-18th century, so perhaps it was the Spanish, or some of Sir Walter Raleigh’s explorers. We can’t say for sure. Here’s a shot up the coast of Cape Lookout—-

There is interesting flora as well on these islands, including these flowering plants…

All in all, this was well worth a day’s drive to see the tale end of the Outer Banks.

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