Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan— Part Twenty Two

Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan— Part Twenty Two July 21, 2018

Picture a bed frame incinerated by volcanic eruption– as follows….
A city that was once thriving was suddenly destroyed, just like Pompeii in A.D. 79. Suddenly, Akrotiri was no more. Here is an artist’s rendering of one of the notable houses here. It looks almost like a school. And the climate was such that slaves would wear little or nothing, this one bringing a bowl of water or wine….

All that hard work of storing water, all that hard working of building houses, brought to naught in no time at all…..Akrotiri was no more.

Jesus said don’t build your house on sand, but in this case, the cautionary tale is— don’t live on a volcanic island! The ancients did not listen, but we who know so much more about volcanoes, still don’t listen. As you’ll see in the next post, Santorini is a thriving tourist trap!

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