The Divine Identity

The Divine Identity September 20, 2018

The Divine Identity

Who can divine,
the divine identity
Of three in one,
and one in three?

Rather than revel
in the secrets of its beauty
I must settle
for the beauty of its secrets…
Though not without regrets.

Does the word God
refer to a person
Or instead to a thrice shared identity?
While I may ponder
until weak and weary
I’ll not plumb the depths of that sort of Trinity.

It’s not like one clover containing three leaves
It’s not like an individual who is father, son, brother
It’s not like an atom made of three parts
It’s not like the sun with heat, rays, light.
It’s not like anything in human insight.

But the via negativa can only take us so far
We know what you’re not,
But not who you are.

Unless, serendipitously
You condescend to our sphere
And reveal yourself
While you are here.

If God is spirit, invisible all wise
This is hidden from mere mortal eyes,
Only God with flesh on, real incarnation
Can bridge the gap between heaven and creation.

Made in your image,
There’s some similarity
But when you were made in ours
A moment of clarity.

I must confess
I’m out of my depth
But through His revelation
I’m out of my death.

Someday I’ll see
face to face.
For now through a prism

Refracted light takes its place.

Perhaps this is needful
For those of our realm
A closer encounter
We’d be overwhelmed.

Only God can be God,
Angel minds don’t inquire
So I’ll settle for singing
In the heavenly choir.



For Richard

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