That Trip to NY– Part Two

That Trip to NY– Part Two November 12, 2018

The contrast between St. Paul’s Chapel, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral is evident both inside and out. One is small and elegant in its simplicity– a brick chapel. The other is a Gothic Cathedral with towering spires.

St. Patricks is downtown at 5th and 51rst streets. It’s in the center of traffic and the hustle and bustle of Manhattan life. It’s been visited by popes. St. Paul’s is small, hidden in a grove of trees, and too close to the site of 9/11 for comfort. Like many Catholic Cathedral’s the shrines and stained glass windows are not just about Biblical figures, but includes saints and popes among others.

Even in the floor of St. Paddies we see Christian symbolism—
So now…. you’ve seen some of the Christian face of Manhattan….

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