That Trip to NY– History Naturally III– Part Ten

That Trip to NY– History Naturally III– Part Ten November 20, 2018

There is a whole floor of this museum where the natives are restless…. and I don’t just mean Native Americans, though there are plenty of those here, but also native trips from the Orient, the Pacific, South America, but Africa and Indian are notable by their absence. A helpful map of where the various tribes were in early America. These two are Seminoles from Fla. A lodge…

Comanche or Apache, not sure which.

Of course it was Margaret Mead who spent her career studying Pacific island peoples….

Perhaps the most famous of the island peoples are those who erected those incredible statues on Easter Island…. And this museum actually has one of the smaller such statues….

Of course one of the reasons the Spanish, like Cortez sought out Caribbean and Latin American trips is the rumor there was gold… and it wasn’t just a rumor…..

One of the less savory parts of American history is the way we have treated those we call Indians— stealing their land, their gold, their culture. It’s hard to believe that even today we have sports teams using Indian names without any permission from or fees paid to Indians! So much for copyright for Native Americans. A lot of our history needs to be remembered and then rethought. One of my favorite Thanksgiving time Far Side cartoons depicts two Native Americans sitting at a picnic table in New England, and here come two Puritans with a pole between them, from which hangs a turkey. The first Indian says the second one ‘Yes, I know they have a good work ethic, but they are illegal aliens. They should go back to where they came from and enter the country legally!!!!” It’s all a matter of perspective, and who got here first.

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