Quote of the Day from CKB

Quote of the Day from CKB December 5, 2018

Kingsley Barrett was preaching on the importance of evangelism and told this story: “Ernst Kasemann was telling me of his friend Steinbauer, one of the most courageous Christians of the Third Reich, who spent nearly as long in prison as Martin Niemoller [or D. Bonhoeffer]. We do not know his name as well because, I suppose, he lacked some of Niemoller’s gifts. I had not heard of him until then. But he was a man of surprising courage. He had publicly declared ‘Hitler is mad’. When he was set free at the end of the war, by the allied forces, he was immediately sent– out of the frying pan and into the fire– to act as chaplain to a prison camp of 30,000 S.S. men. He preached there a sermon and one ex-officer came up to him and said, ‘As soon as I am out of here, I will seek you out and kill you.’ Steinbauer went on, unafraid of what he knew was a deadly serious threat. After four sermons the S.S. Officer was converted. Lights in a dark world; straight in a crooked world; fearless in a threatening world; loving in a selfish world; helpful in a despairing world. You possess the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, Learn from the past but do not live in it. And press on to the mark.”

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