Quote of the Day from CKB

Quote of the Day from CKB December 6, 2018

In regard to love Kingsley Barrett says this: “The NT is not speaking of trivial passing affection, nor does it mean a merely sentimental emotion. It means a firm, constant, disciplined direction of the will, which has nothing to do with feeling good in a Sunday…service, and everything to do with the way you treat your family, your employer, your employees, and your friends on Monday morning. There is a special quality of love within the Church which belongs within the Christian fellowship alone; but nothing is more alien to Christian love than the spirit of the closed shop. Christian love is revealed in the Good Samaritan— the man despised and distrusted who never worried about what others thought about him, but did the act of kindness that lay to hand; did it courageously, kindly, efficiently, completely, and intelligently. That is Christian love and it prevents the dissolution of humanity.”

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