Quote of the Day from CKB

Quote of the Day from CKB December 10, 2018

In preaching on 1 Pet. 3.13-16 Kingsley Barrett says, quoting the text: “‘Who is he that will harm you if you are zealous for what is good?’ Zealous for what is good— that is the point. The trouble with the lot of us is that we are zealous about what is bad, but that we are not zealous for the good. Not many of us, none of us, would say like Richard III ‘I am determined to prove a villain.’ We just aren’t determined to prove anything very much, and that is just the trouble. We think the safe way is the middle way, avoiding the extremes on either side, and it isn’t. The way of non-committal is the dangerous way. It is what happened to Peter and I wonder if the thought of it is in mind here?”

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