Bless Be the Thai– Part Eight

Bless Be the Thai– Part Eight August 24, 2019

So, as I mentioned, it is very hot and humid in Thailand most of the year, and everything imaginable and exotic grows here. The soil must be pretty fertile as well. Of course Thai folk eat a lot of dishes with rice or noodles (see Pad Thai), but the Thai like their fruit, and they like food spicy– very spicy! Even my scramble eggs were too spicy. And then too they like strange combinations of things— like mango and sticky rice, or shrimp chips (?????). There’s even mango sticky rice ice cream…. which I tried and don’t need to do that again. Here’s some samples of what you find in the grocery store…..

Just when you think you recognize something…. nope those are not pears, they are pomelos!!.

Who knew there was yellow watermelon?

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