The Bob Jones U. Religious Art Collection– Part Two

The Bob Jones U. Religious Art Collection– Part Two September 11, 2019

The Tribulations of Job are of course legendary, but you will seldom find a painting of them. But here is an exception to the rule… presumably portraying the moment where Job’s family suggests he curse God, and die, because he is physically suffering so much. The artist is Cesare Fracanzano (17th century).

Most everyone has heard of the story of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for, as the KJV once called it ‘a mess of pottage’ (i.e. probably lentil soup). In this painting Esau is depicted as the hungry young naive lad, who is hardly concerned about his future, whereas Jacob is depicted to the right of the frame as much older….. and conniving.
Clearly the artist is interested in the effect of light in the depiction, and there is no effort to depict the characters as being early Jews in ancient clothing….. The painting is attributed to Hendrick Terbrugghen (16th century).

The book of Esther almost did not make it into the Hebrew Bible because, as the rabbis noted, it never directly mentions the Biblical God. I’m thankful that that view did not prevail. The artist is Jan Victors (Dutch 17th century). I love the drama in this painting at the very moment Esther accuses Haman…..

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