The Bob Jones U. Religious Art Collection— Part Six

The Bob Jones U. Religious Art Collection— Part Six September 15, 2019

Salomon Koninck (17th century Dutch artist) depicts below Matthew writing his Gospel, with angelic help. This is often how the Evangelist were depicted in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the assumption being, they got the message directly from angelic messengers, whereas we know, as Lk. 1.1-4 says, they relied on human sources as the messengers.

A French artist, Claude Vignon in the 16th century, presents us wit a striking painting of St. Jerome in his grotto in Bethlehem working on his Latin translation of the Bible….
Jerome looks heavenward for inspiration, no doubt.

Here is a very striking painting of Saul of Tarsus, sword in hand, as a persecutor of Christ followers. The 16th century artist is unknown, and he has chosen to depict Saul as a fiery red-head— perhaps associating that with zeal.

Here is an interesting rendering of St. Augustine, the theologian of heart religion and the shepherd of souls. Augustine was from northern African, and probably African in skin color as well, but this Flemish artist, Gaspar de Crayer (16th century) perhaps did not know this.

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