Demons!– Part Thirty Six

Demons!– Part Thirty Six August 13, 2020

BEN: You state that Satan and the evil spirits cannot be redeemed, that God’s whole salvation plan focuses on humans. But aren’t the angels also created in God’s image? Why could they not be saved if they fall like humans?

MICHAEL: I outline this in Chapter 12 of the book. Basically, Hebrews 2 connects the plan of salvation with the incarnation. Jesus became man, indicating the focus of the redemptive plan was humanity. This is consistent with the original Fall. Yes, God cursed the humans along with the serpent figure, the supernatural rebel, but when the storyline resumes, God continues to work at restoring what was lost through humans, not through other supernatural beings. He does not abandon Adam and Eve, but continues a relationship with them and their progeny. There is no evidence he did that with the supernatural rebel, nor with any succeeding supernatural rebels. But God does consistently do that with humans. The focus of the salvation plan is humanity’s restoration.

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