Pop’s Lessons– Part Seven

Pop’s Lessons– Part Seven May 10, 2022

Luke 3.28– ‘Seth was the son of Adam, and Adam was the son of God’

Seth could not help being the son of Adam, nor Adam the son of God. This helplessness is a bit startling but it is true. But when we stop to think about life, we discover many things which cannot be altered.  We did not choose our parents, we did not choose the color of our skin, the place of our birth, the color of our eyes, the size of our bodies, nor our brothers and sisters.  That means we all start out the same way– ‘naked we came into this world, and naked we shall go from this world.’ This ought to make us very humble, because none of these things gives us any ground for pride, shame, or apology.  Birth makes us all brothers and sisters, and the years between birth and death is the time of opportunity for each of us to learn how to live together as brothers and sisters. I imagine the final judgment of our deeds will be gauged by the success we shall have made in this family enterprise.

The circumstances of our birth do determine the capital with which we start our careers. We should not complain about the disadvantages of our poverty nor be snobbish about the advantages of wealth, because we may be mistaken. The world needs a deep sense of brotherhood. Adam could not help being the son of God, nor can you, so we should be good children. Our Lord put it in another way when he said ‘you have not chosen me but i have chosen you’. Those who are kept by the power of God are not the healthy, wealthy, powerful, or famous, but those who are born again, who through faith have come to believe that all things work together for good to them that love God. God is faithful and can keep you from evil, and he is a forgiving God who can bring peace to your soul. He has left the choice to you and to me. Our lot will be what we make it

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