Pop’s Lessons– Part Six

Pop’s Lessons– Part Six May 9, 2022


Ephesians 2.10–‘for we are his workmanship.’

This word translated workmanship is the old Greek word for poem. A poem is a dream set into words.  God’s dream for his children is the realization of the divine preface found in Gen. 1-2. ‘Let us make humankind in our image and after our likeness’ He is at work doing that very thing in the workshop of our lives.  It is the majestic obsession of his heart.  The very same power with which he raised Christ from the dead is at work achieving his purpose and pleasure within us. In the midst of the ruins of our own experience, he is building a temple to his delight and glory, working within us that which is well-pleasing in his sight. The ultimate glory will be worthy of all that God has proposed through his mercy, his wisdom and his power, through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Human plans often fail of fruition, our designs get no further than the parchment on which they are drawn. But the workmanship of God is sure of achievement. As the silversmith sees his face in the liquid silver, so God visualizes his own image in the ultimate life of the redeemed person. We shall be like Him. That is the hope and glory of the trusting soul, the pulse-beat of the faithful heart. It is the word of encouragement that our lives, crowded here with confusion and adverse circumstances can live under the inspiration of the eternal purpose of God. We are his workmanship.

This being true, then we should pattern our lives that we would be like Him. Our lives, as we live them, determine what we are or who we are in Christ. Is your life an open book for Christ? Are we reimbursing Christ for his day on the cross?

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