Pop’s Lessons– Part Thirty One

Pop’s Lessons– Part Thirty One June 21, 2022




‘A Story to Tell’

The Gospel of Christ is Good News, the best news in the world. It is a love story that surpasses all other love stories. It is the news the world needs to hear, but you won’t hear about it, at least not often, on the news on radio or TV.  So, if you have this news, it is your duty to tell it. Every Christian has obligated himself or herself to go into all the world and tell it to every creature. It is greater and stronger than anything we can imagine. Yes, we have a story to tell. The story is a message to fallen human beings. It’s about a birth in Bethlehem, agony in a garden, and trial before Pilate, and a cross on Calvary. It is also a story about a thorn crowned brow, nail pierced hands, and a wounded side. It is a record of a tragic Friday afternoon, a gloomy Saturday, and a victorious Sunday morning. Christ really died. While on that cross, Jesus said many things, but one of the bandits failed to get a word from him, and yet the silence seemed to say you just wait until Sunday morning.  It seemed to say it’s better to come up out of the grave than to come down from a cross. Then Jesus dropped his head to his shoulder and died.  But let’s not dwell on this too long.

Let us hasten to say he was laid in a borrowed tomb. But why a borrowed tomb?  Because he would not be there permanently. He would only use it for two nights. Did Joseph know this?  So Jesus remained there only until his resurrection.  And according to plan, the angels rolled away the stone on Sunday morning and Jesus came forth in all power in the orbit of his omnipotence. He stood on the Mt. of Olives and said ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. It is our duty to tell it to everyone everywhere until every land becomes a new Jerusalem and a house of prayer, until every sinner is saved by grace. Yes, we indeed have a story to tell.

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