Pop’s Lessons– Part Forty Two

Pop’s Lessons– Part Forty Two July 3, 2022


Psalm 8.4– ‘What is a human being that thou art mindful of him?’ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  He didn’t use the words heaven and earth in the plural sense but in the singular.  Nevertheless, human beings are determined to find life on the other creations of God.  God made all things and all creatures, and the last of his handiwork was man and woman, and after he had made them he said it was good, in fact very good.  And he gave them dominion over the material world.  And yes, he loves human beings above all else.

But the militarist says ‘humans aren’t much just an instrument to stand by the cannon and the gun, the battleship and the sub awaiting orders and willing to take the consequences’.  The dictator says ‘humans are not much, just the means by which my wishes are fulfilled, the chief concern is the strength of the state, not the happiness of the individual’. The materialist and the atheist says ‘humans aren’t much. The multitudes of suns, stars, the duration of time, the magnitude of the universe make of human beings nothing but specks of dust. Their lives are short and their values die with them.’   But God, who knew what was in human beings, created in his image, begged to differ, and gave his life for us. He looks on us very differently. For Jesus, human beings are unique creations of God. His worth is not limited to the weight of his body. His worth is seen in his relationship to his family, his neighbors, his state, his church, his God. A fine exercise is to examine ourselves in the light of these relationships.  However poor we may be, whatever our birth, whatever may be our lot, some value may be found in our lives and this worth is acknowledged when God gave his only Son to rescue us.  If today finds you discouraged and life seems empty remember, there is One who came into our midst, knew us to our very core and came that we might be redeemed, and beyond that have life abundantly.

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