Pop’s Lessons– Part Fifty Two

Pop’s Lessons– Part Fifty Two July 15, 2022

9/21/1975– On Sin

In considering the question of sin, we are faced with two startling facts. The first fact is that human beings make so little of sin. To some it’s an illusion, a religious mirage, or the invention of some fanatic. it is denied, joked about, and laughed at by many.  Many who believe sin to be a fact, continue to sin with little thought of its penalty.

The second fact is that God makes so much of sin. God says ‘the person who sins shall die. The wages of sin is death.’  All sins are an abomination to God and he despises those who work iniquity. Moses says all that do unrighteously are an abomination to the Lord.  Sin is an evil force it’s presence cannot be escaped in this life, but it can be overcome by the power of God.

The origin of sin is one of the mysteries of the Bible. The secret things belong to God and sin is one of the secret things that will remain wrapped in obscurity. Sin came from Satan but he was created a perfect being. Satan fell from perfection when he exerted his will above and against the will of God. This is sin.  At the fall of Satan the earth became formless and void. Isaiah said that God created the earth, not sin, because it was a perfect creation. A catastrophe happened and the earth became without form and void. It was not made that way in the beginning. Some of the angels joined the Devil in sin.  This does not prove that Satan was the originator of sin, but it does reveal sin in Satan’s heart before God created human beings.

We cannot deny the existence of sin when the world is in conflict between good and evil.  If sin were not a fact, there would be no crime. We would not need jails or prisons. We would need no locks on our doors or vaults. Sin is many things to many people but God said sin is transgression of the Law. Sin is coming short of the glory of God.  Sin is rebellion against God. Sin is unbelief, as it makes God a liar. Sin is going your own way, according to your own will, without seeking the will of God. It is against the will of God.  By one man sin entered the world when Adam sinned. His seed became corrupt therefore we are all sinners because we were born in sin. You don’t have to teach people to be bad, but you do have to teach them to be good. By the offense of the one man, Adam, judgment came upon all people.

God ordained in the beginning that human beings would have a will to use as they may choose.  The wages of sin is death.  Death separates human beings from God, both spiritually and physically. It separates the spirit or soul from God.  And eternal death separates humans from the mercy of God forever.  All must die, the young and the old, the good and the bad, and human beings will continue to die until God destroys death, and it is swallowed up in victory.  Sin and death (and not just his own death but the believers’ as well) will finally be overcome by one man– Jesus Christ our Lord.

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