Shortcomings July 24, 2022


‘A  frank response to Frank, who said, “regrets I’ve had a few,

But far too few to mention… I did it my way”


Shortcomings just like snowflakes,

Are always piling up,

A life time of the little things

Filling up life’s cup.


Then some day, and in some way

They have their full impact

On family, friends or foes alike,

Too late to then retract.


Too late to start anew that day

Too late for quick reprise

The bills have now come fully due

Much to our surprise.


Sometimes we think that life consists

Of only major things

Of beautiful blue sky days

When all the birds do sing.


Of birthdays and holidays

A picture postcard beach

Where shortcomings can be ignored

And outcomes out of reach.


But cumulative effect weighs in,

Our hopes are undermined

The gravity of apathy

Our dreams are left behind.


Faithful in the small things

Be faithful when there’s much

You need to sweat the small stuff

The Kingdom is of such.


I failed to finish what was asked

I failed to love enough

I failed to be there when you called

When times were really tough


I failed to notice when you smiled

I missed the telltale signs

I failed to see when you were tired

With worries on your mind.


I failed to hold you when you cried

I failed to finish strong

I failed to be there when you died,

I chose to move along.


Some say the cost of what we do

Is usually outweighed

By all the things that we neglect

Every single day.


When did I see you without bread

Or with no clothes to wear

When did I know you were in jail

But never visited there?


The sin’s in what I have not done

The things I have not been

‘The saddest words of pen or tongue

What might have been, what might have been.’

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