Am-Bushed July 25, 2022


Minding the flocks he had

Not looking for surprise.

He looked up

And saw a bush,

That blazed before his eyes.


Weirder still there was a voice

That came from in this thing

It caused him to draw close

And hush

It had a familiar ring,


‘Moses I’m sending you

Back from where you came,

It’s time to free the slaves.

Don’t think you can turn this down

Excuses are quite lame.’


‘ Who shall I say is sending me?’

‘Just say the great I AM’.

‘That hardly seems clear

But why should I complain,

My name’s a complete sham’.[1]


Off went the reluctant recruit

With Aaron now in tow

It was a long trip from Midian,

Through Egypt’s heat

A place they despised to go.


The morale to this story

Is not hard to find

Get near a burning bush,

Especially one that talks

You’re ambushed from behind.



[1] Moses is not a Hebrew name. It is probably a truncated form of tut-mses or even ram-mses, as he was raised in the Egyptian palace.

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