Pet Peeves— Part One

Pet Peeves— Part One August 28, 2022

This first in the series is quite literally about pets.

  1. Obviously, the number one pet peeve is animals who come into my yard, dump their load, and then their owners do not bother to clean up after them. This is not only dogs behaving badly, its owners of dogs behaving badly.
  2. Pet food that is ridiculously expensive, even more expensive than good human food.  This is simply wrong and way out of balance.
  3. People who unnecessarily take their animals where no animals need to go.  For example, the latest so-called ‘comfort pets’ trend on airplanes. Just recently there was the case of a pet pig taken on the plane.  Just because you like your pet, there are better ways to deal with flying anxieties than this, and less narcissistic ones too. This is such self-centered behavior, never considering how it might bother others on the plane.
  4. People who take their animals where no animals ought to go.  Recently I was at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  The walk up the hill to the castle is huge. it’s truly a case of climbing a mountain, and tiny dogs with tiny feet, not to mention old dogs should not be subjected to such a climb.  And yet there were owners blithely marching up that mountain oblivious to the effect it has on their pet.
  5. People who think it is alright to have all sorts of weird animals as pets— for example alligators, pythons, pumas, aardvarks, and I could go on.  It has apparently not dawned on these people that such animals are not domesticated enough to be house pets, and in some case are too dangerous to be house pets.
  6. People who stink up their homes with their pets, become nose blind in the process, and then invite people over for meals, TV etc. as if such visitors will not notice or comment on the smell!  Again, this is self-centered bad behavior.  At a minimum if you have a stinky pet, keep it in the yard on a leash. And if they occasionally come inside due to weather, put them in the garage, or be prepared to have your house regularly professionally steam cleaned!  Enough said.
  7. Dogs who bark incessantly and for no good reason, and who have owners that, even after multiple requests, will not put bark collars on their dogs.
  8.  Stay tuned.  My next pet peeve rant will be about self-centered cell phone idiots.

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