Pet Peeves– Part Two

Pet Peeves– Part Two August 29, 2022

  1. Obviously, we must begin with drivers who think it is o.k. to use a hand held cell phone while driving, ignoring the traffic, ignoring the lights changing, ignoring the general need to get out of the way, then there is the tendency to drive too slow or swerve while messing with the phone, and I could go on.  If it were up to me, I’d have laws in every decent sized town and city banning hand-held cell phones. And if the law was ignored, give the police the right to levy an $1,000 fine for the first offense, and worse thereafter. Period.
  2.  People who walk down the street so engrossed in their phones that they bump into people, walls, signs, and miss the changing walk signals and more.  Again, this is pure narcissism.   And it is so unnecessary.  Unless you have a genuine urgency or emergency, you don’t need to be focused on your phone while driving or walking.  Give it a rest for a while.
  3. Selfies, endless selfies.  On my recent trips to the Lands of the Bible and also Europe it was clear that far too many people think that taking endless pictures of oneself, or oneself with friends and family is cute, special, etc.   Especially annoying is those people who buy stick extensions which get in other people’s way, so they can take shots of themselves hanging off cliffs, hugging the statue of liberty, appearing to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa etc.  A small amount of such photos is inevitable and o.k.  And then there was this.  Two young ladies on the Lucerne lake cruise who got dressed up and must have taken 50 selfies of themselves while other people were waiting to get to that spot and take a shot of the beautiful scenery. Note mind, that these ladies were not interested in the scenery, or for that matter the commentary on the scenery. No, they had gotten on the boat just to do their own glam shots.   Arrrgh.
  4. People who think that unless they keep buying or trading for the latest cell phone, well then they are just not hip, cool, in with the in crowd, and I could go on.
  5. People who have endless personal conversations in public spaces where they ought not to do so, for instance in the library!  Or in church during a service (turn off the **** phone during worship, or at least put it on stun, unless you have a true emergency).  Or in class.  Or during a court hearing.  Or during a concert where one should be paying attention to the music.  I could go on.
  6. People who play endless games on their phones with small or even tiny screens, messing up their eyesight.  Just ridiculous behavior.
  7. People who endlessly charge their phones, hogging the outlets at airports and elsewhere.

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