Beautiful Lake Lucerne

Beautiful Lake Lucerne September 12, 2022

One of the main reasons to go to Lucerne is to enjoy the beautiful clear water lake, which has four fingers and the mountain surroundings.  My father took a cruise on this lake in the 40s, and so did we about 80 years later.  Here are some shots.

That tall white building in the distance is an ultra expensive hotel— about nine stars.  And while we are talking about expensive, this town is too expensive to live in the for the average person. The average income in this town is $100,000– and again I say average.  Houses run for a million plus, and apartments are thousands a month. Americans have no clue how good they have it.

The water normally needs to be controlled, but this summer there has been severe drought, and rivers like the Danube and the Rhone are drying up.  Don’t plan any river cruises in Europe anytime soon.

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