The Fraumunster Church in Zurich and the Marc Chagall Windows

The Fraumunster Church in Zurich and the Marc Chagall Windows September 18, 2022

While the Grossmunster wins the size and historic significance award in Zurich, the Fraumunster is not to be missed because of the beautiful Marc Chagall stained glass windows.  But just a few more shots of the Grossmunster from the outside are in order, starting with the bronze doors that are like the ones at the baptistry of the great cathedral in Florence.

The Fraumunster is a decidedly smaller cathedral but also well worth the visit. For those of you unfamiliar, Marc Chagall was a Russian Jewish artist whose many beautiful stained glass windows and other creations can be found all over the world, including in the U.S. in places like Chicago.  In the 1970s, and in the later years of his very long life and career (b. 1887– died 1985).

Here below is the Fraumunster with the impressive clock tower.

Here below are the windows.

The central green window is of course of Christ on the cross, among various scenes. I will let you ponder which of the windows depicts Elijah ascending to heaven in his chariot, or Jacob on a ladder wrestling with the angel, or the End of Days window with an angel blowing the final trumpet.   Here is the description of the five windows on the website…

  1. The Prophet’s Window, with Elijah carried away to heaven

  2. The Law Window in which Moses holds the commandments while overseeing disobedience among his people

  3. The Jacob Window, with Jacob dreaming of the ladder

  4. The Zion Window, depicting King David and the descent of Jerusalem from heaven to earth

  5. The Christ Window, illustrating the life of Jesus

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