DAYBREAK October 6, 2022


At dawn it dawned on me

Look up and see the sky,

The sheer beauty of God’s creation

Left me asking why


Why do so many fail to see

the hand of our Creator?

The heavens show us his glory

But we say ‘show me later’


So wrapped up in looking down

Wrapped up in our concerns

We ignore the heavenly signs

When will we ever learn?


That beauty is a reminder

That God loves us one and all

A beautiful sunrise

Is just his wake up call


God’s love and truth

Shine from shore to shore

The beauty should make us wonder

Is there something more?


More to life than mere living

More than endless strife

More than endless worries

About the ends of life


Look up say the heavens

Look up to God above

Open your eyes, your mind, your heart

To beauty, truth, and love


The trinity of blessings

Meant to truly enthrall

And call us back to the One

Who made and saves us all.




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