Into Egypt– Part Four

Into Egypt– Part Four October 20, 2022

The closer one gets to the burial chamber, which remember, will have been decorated first, and then the hallway to it, the more intense the images become, the more representations of gods demanding the truth (holding the feathers in their hands) the more even the pharaoh needs the wings of protection over their heads to make it to the positive afterlife, and finally the more we see the images of slaves bringing food, and of course doing the heavy lifting to make these burial chambers.

Notice all these deities holding feathers….

This pharaoh confidently holds the key of (after)life…. but the priest reminds, you still need to make offerings to the gods..

Whereas this pharaoh seems to be unsure of her destiny (I think this is Hatshepsut) and so she is making 4 offerings at once— 3 pour offerings and then an additional one as well…

Some of these burial chambers are just a riot of color and images…

And finally, this pharaoh seems to be very confident in his red shawl and two emblems of power in his hands.  He appears to be one of the Nubian pharaohs .

But notice in the bottom right corner of the picture some woman is waving the truth flag at him!

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