Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise October 26, 2022

It’s been far too long that we have had a good rom-com in the theaters truly worth going to see.  You know, one with star power (in this case Julia Roberts and George Clooney yet again, this time as a divorced couple who have to go their pending daughter’s wedding in paradise).  Also one with real romance, in this case a Romeo and Juliet kind of young romance, and yet also something more for the older crowd.  In fact this is a film the whole family can go see, and it is PG-13.  While ostensibly  this film is set in Bali (but it was impossible to do it there at the time of filming), in fact it was filmed in northeastern Australia specifically on the Gold Coast and around Queensland, and Brisbane.   For one hour and 44 minutes we are entertained with the beauty of this region, and the sparks that fly between Mr. and Mrs. Cotton, with a French pilot who falls for Jula=Mrs. Cotton thrown in to complicate the plot.   At first the parents try to hatch a plan to sabotage the planned nuptial, but then all kinds of fun and mayhem break lose.   There is plenty to laugh at, plenty to make you smile, and a few really touching moments as well.

While this movie may not have the same clout as the other four movies George and Julia have done together, particularly the Oceans films,  this is well worth a trip the theaters, especially for a date night. It quite properly raises the question— How do you know when you are in love with the right person?

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