Into Egypt– Part Eleven

Into Egypt– Part Eleven October 27, 2022

This museum requires days and days to visit, and I’m not even talking about the below ground levels of its many antiquities.

Most people seem to focus on seeing the King Tutankhamen treasures, which are certainly spectacular, but just one problem. They are all protected by glass that is not non-glare glass…. so the pictures do not come out perfect, sadly…

As if all the gold were not enough, there are pure alabaster items, chiefly canopic jars in which were kept the pickled inner organs of the pharaoh or his wife or both.

After all this one tends to glaze over and go into a museum fog. I can’t imagine being Howard Carter and his team and finding all this….

But there are other very important things in this museum, and I will end this particular post with two steles— the Rosetta Stone, and the Merneptah Stele…

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