Into Egypt– Part Thirteen

Into Egypt– Part Thirteen October 29, 2022

One of the real highlights of the Cairo museum is the papyrus art, as you will now see some of which needs not explanation, and some of which begs for it.

This is a scene of a woman making her offerings… notice these are all food offerings including one example of game.

  What in the world is this guy doing to this giant bird?  Trying to prevent it from flying off?

Little girl tries to fly, with the help of a trampoline?

What happens when a breeze blows through the throne room?

O.K. a vulture a cobra, and an ordinary snake show up before the judge and only one is telling the truth?

So a snake and a centipede got into a race… and the centipede was leading….

This beautiful papyrus depicts a woman farmer (see the right side of the picture— woman with sickle in hand, woman plowing the land with two different animals.

This one must have been painted by someone who had definitely drunk too much….

Two cobras and an alligator waiting for a ride across the river.

A most fragrant offering of sweet smelling lotus plants and good smelling perfume…

Images of torture or punishment of a captive are not uncommon in various medium. Compare the above to the stele below..

I prefer the image of sisters need to stick together….

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