Into Jordan– Part Two

Into Jordan– Part Two November 1, 2022

Going to Mt. Nebo can be quite emotional.  Here is the spot where the Biblical text says Moses was allowed to look into the promised land, but not to enter it.  This memorial, above is of the bronze serpent lifted up on a stake, and the reference to that story on the lips of Jesus in John’s Gospel.

This sign is very helpful and gives you good clues of where to look.

Yes that’s the Dead Sea down there, not all that far away.  Otherwise things look barren in most directions.


There is a living church here that is built around the ancient church as we shall see…

Mainly what there is to see is the mosaic floor and its geometric and animal designs..

Here’s the ancient baptismal font, which tells you a lot about how they did baptisms— i.e. not by immersion unless you are thinking of immersing infants and tiny children.   The latter tradition continues today as this is a living church that meets once a week for worship, mainly involving monastics.


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