Into Turkey– Part Twenty-Three

Into Turkey– Part Twenty-Three December 9, 2022

Gaziantep is a city on the spice route, which has an incredible bazaar, and an even more incredible mosaic museum with mosaics that were moved lock, stock, and barrel from nearby Zeugma, a Roman frontier city on a lake with many impressive villas.  The archaeologists had to work at warp speed to get the job done, because the new dam was about to let water cover the whole site.  We’ll look at the latter in subsequent posts, but let’s start with the fact that Gaziantep was on the spice route and has had a spice market from time immemorial. This is why at the entrance to the city you see these two things—

What’s that green stuff you ask?  As Meltem will tell you, its pistachio paste turned into a soft chewy candy…

Maybe bang the drum slowly???

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