Impressions of the Impressionists— Part Two

Impressions of the Impressionists— Part Two February 7, 2023

Gauguin’s work certainly stands out from the work of others in the Impressionist school or era.   Here in his self-portrait he comes across as something of a pirate.

But here is a more familiar image from Polynesia, of his painting of a young girl….

Gauguin was indeed a friend of Vincent Van Gogh, and lived with him for a while, trying to rescue him from madness.  Of all these artists Van Gogh appears to have been the most religious, even attending seminary for a while, but later ending up in an asylum where he painted one of his most famous paintings— Starry Night.

One thing it seems Vincent especially loved was bright yellow.

This next artist was also the odd man out— Toulouse-Latrec not least because he painting something seen as risque….

Another lesser known Impressionist would be Rodon….

In the next post we will look at Cezanne, Sisley, and some more. Monet…..

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