The Temples at Claros– Part Two

The Temples at Claros– Part Two June 24, 2023

One of the unique features of this site is that it has two adytons, the below ground chamber under the platform of the temple where the prophet received inspiration after drinking some of the river water.   When I was there the chambers were filled with water, and the only living things in them were frogs.   Here’s a picture….


Another unique feature is the sundial that was found there which has been removed.

This is the likely spot where the sundial was placed…..

To give you a sense of perspective on the site, here’s the diagram and description of it.  The Temple of Apollo is central and dominant the temple of Artemis much smaller and at the back of the site, but this is perhaps because this was only a stop over for pilgrims who were going to nearby Ephesos to worship at the temple of Artemis.

The central square on the schematic is the temple of Apollo, and the little one that looks like a pile of bricks beside it is the small temple of Artemis.

But there is an even more interesting feature at this site– the 3, 25 feet high, statues of Leto, Artemis, and Apollo, which we will attend to in the next post.  This is the only Greco-Roman site where such statues are still in situ.




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