The San Antonio Riverwalk– Part One

The San Antonio Riverwalk– Part One November 29, 2023

San Antonio, named after the river of that name which in turn is named after St. Anthony is one of my very favorite places for the SBL to meet.  And it is fun to ride the river and hear the chronicle of the boat driver, whether you do it by day or by night, but let’s start with night when the river and it trees are all lit up in bright colors as are the numerous restaurants.

That hotel on the left was ours– the Hilton Palacio del Rio– the Palace by the river, where you can walk right out of the hotel and hop on a boat.  And the temperature at night was in the 60s and 70s so even in mid-November it was very pleasant.

Here are the basic riverboats, carefully designed so as not to pollute the river, which still has wildlife in it, particularly ducks and frogs.  This river winds its way right through the middle of the old town.  And here are two faces you may recognize, riding on the river (cue Tina Turner).

In our next post we will talk about some of the many sights to see along the river, which are better seen in daylight.

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