The San Antonio Riverwalk– Part Two

The San Antonio Riverwalk– Part Two November 30, 2023

There is actually quite a lot to see on the Riverwalk, and sometimes the boats take differing routes particularly in the day time so you appreciate some of the vintage buildings in San Antonio.  This city has gone out of its way to preserve 19th and 20th century building, repurposing them again and again, rather than just razing them and build a new ugly concrete and glass tower.  Kudos to the city council.   Here below is our captain and guide.

Check out the filigree above the windows and elsewhere on this high rise.

There are interesting bridges across the river, usually identified by name. This one is an iron bridge, which the train once crossed on Presa St.

There are sculptures to see along the way.

This of course is St. Anthony himself, but there are various other sorts of sculptures both ancient and modern in style.

And there are garden spots along the way, and small waterfalls as well as a heart-shaped island where couples propose to each other and weddings are even held. At the bridge just beyond the island couples put love locks on the railings of the bridge.


The pace on the river is not ‘rollin’ but leisurely, hence this sign.

The stories behind some of these taller buildings on the riverwalk is sad, for instance the one below.  The builders spent some 30 million to build this towering structure in the late 1920s, only for disaster to strike in 1929 through the stock market crash, and they had to sell the building for 300 thousand.  Notice the gargoyles meant to ward off evil spirits– which didn’t do their job in 1929.

Here’s a different building built to look like a sailing vessel with a big prow.

They obviously liked brown two tone buildings, but here’s a red one…

You can start your boat tour from various places on the river, including at the River Center itself well numerous shops are….

The tour takes under an hour, is inexpensive and good for whole families (these boats do hold about 20 or so folks), and it is well worth it.

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