Let the Music Flow in NY

Let the Music Flow in NY March 29, 2024

I went to NY to check out a site for our seminary to see if it could be an extension site for our school. But I also went to film a new documentary on Jesus for Fox streaming and the History Channel.  But there was some time for some fun and so I got a free ticket to go see the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and I also made it to a jazz club called Birdland and a Neil Diamond  musical called A Beautiful Noise.   Here are some shots of the fun.

Birdland was opened and christened by the great Charlie Parker, nicknamed Bird in the late 40s.   The original locale was on Broadway, but this is the new location for the last several decades.  I went to see the Montreal crooner David Marino, and he was fantastic.  Here’s a sample….


This was an excellent musical, and the guy who starred in the role of Neil Diamond was a voice double for Neil– just amazing.  And then there were all those top 40 hits, almost 40 of them!   A great show.

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