MOMA– PART TWO April 2, 2024

One of the more exotic Impressionists, who actually moved to the South Sea islands in the Pacific is Paul Gauguin and his paintings reflect this change of venue.  This one is  called  the  Moon  and  the Earth.

A strange portrait is this one by Gauguin— of Meijer de Haan

Somewhat better represented is Cezanne… this one is simply labelled Pines and Rocks


Or this one called Chateau Noir…

The most famous of his paintings in this museum is Still Life with Apples

There were more avant garde painters in the Paris circle… as is chronicled here…

As is well known, Pablo Picasso went through various different periods in his painting, with perhaps his cubist paintings be the most famous and not surprisingly, MOMA favors those, but here is a painting of a woman sleeping that is different.

Or consider this representation of a fruit dish….

But once he went into his cubist style, could you tell this is Still Life with a Liqueur Bottle?

A bit more representational is Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Teller)

Less so is ‘My Joy’—

Not from the cubist period, nor from the blue period is this painting of  Two Nudes by Picasso—


Without question, the most famous of Rousseau’s painting is ‘My Dream’ which was a gift to this museum from Nelson Rockefeller…

MOMA has several paintings by Henri Matisse for instance

This is called Interior with a Violin Case

Here is Periwinkles in a Moroccan Garden

There were not many women artists among the Impressionists, or painting in their period or into the 1950s  but Leonora Carrington is an exception and here is an exceptional painting from 1953.  The title is, And Then we Saw the Daughter of the Minotaur

In our next post we will move along to the other museum I had time for– the Guggenheim.



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