Saint Chad – The Importance of People

Saint Chad – The Importance of People March 2, 2021

How much do you think the people you surround yourself with will impact the person you become?

Saint Chad was a seventh-century leader of the Church in Northumbria. One of the most interesting things about Chad is that he was one of four brothers and all of these men became priests. One of them. Cedd, is even honored as a saint as well in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It struck me as a great example of something that sociologists tell us all the time. The greatest indicator of who we are becoming is the people we hang around. Chad and his brothers seemed to have been influenced by one another in a great way. It convicts me that I need to be proactive in surrounding myself with people who are living close to God and who are loving their neighbors. There is a power in people I don’t want to ignore. People are one of God’s favorite ways to connect with us and change us.

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