Introducing Heterodox

Introducing Heterodox September 15, 2015

Okay I know this is a bit on the lazy side. But trust me that I will have a controversial post here soon. In the meantime I just want to introduce you to Heterodox. It is part of a group that I have joined to help deal with the lack of political diversity in academia. This is not just about taking on the PC crowd. There is an atmosphere in academia that stifles rational inquiry. So I am proud to be part of this group and if this is an issue that is important to you then please come check it out. Okay the next post will have more meat on it and drive some of you crazy. I will have to do that to maintain my reputation.

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Bill Nye, the “not-so-science” Guy
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Bill Nye, the “not-so-science” Guy
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Bill Nye, the “not-so-science” Guy

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