December 14, 2022

I did this series of talks on the subject of Training the mind. I hope listening to these will be helpful. Introduction to the Heart Preliminaries See Everything as a Dream Examine the Nature of Awareness Don’t Get Stuck on Peace Rest in Openness Be a Child of Illusion Sending and Receiving Seeds of Virtue It’s All Sacred Transform Disasters Drive All Blames Into One Be Grateful to Everyone See Confusion As Enlightenment 4 Practices That Help Whatever You Meet... Read more

December 12, 2022

The question comes up once in a while. It’s natural for it to come up and not something I’d ever shy away from. “How did you first get involved with Buddhism?” a co-worker asked. It was clear to me that her motivation was simple curiosity. Sometimes when people have asked me questions like that they’ve been hoping to convert me or something. But it’s been a long time since someone came at me with that sort of motivation, I think.... Read more

December 10, 2022

I did this series of talks on the classic Buddhist text “The Dhammapada.” I taught a class on this text and was recording these talks while I was preparing for the class. I hope listening to these will be helpful. This series doesn’t cover the whole text, it just covers some of the first half. In these talks I read from and comment on the verses in the Dhammapada. Introducing the Dhammapada Dichotomies Vigilance The Mind Flowers The Fool The... Read more

December 5, 2022

Bodhi Day is a holiday that commemorates the Enlightenment of the Buddha and the start of the Buddhist tradition. It is December 8th. The story is that Siddhartha Gautama, after years of trying different things, sat under a tree and declared that he would meditate until he found the root of suffering and the way out of suffering. He entered deeper and deeper levels of meditation and he became Awakened to the truth about suffering. At this moment he had... Read more

November 22, 2022

One night while I was teaching my Dhammapada class for the Rime Center, I noticed a sore throat was manifesting. I was cautiously optimistic, believing it was just one of those 24 hour things that would go away. The next day more symptoms appeared. Runny nose, low energy, and loss of appetite. The first time I took an at home covid test it was negative. I didn’t believe the test so I stayed home sick from work and didn’t go... Read more

November 14, 2022

This is a series of talks I gave from Shantideva’s “Way of the Bodhisattva” I hope these talks give you some benefit.   Shantideva Had No Friends Benefits of Bodhichitta Offerings, Refuge, and Misdeeds Embracing Bodhichitta Carefulness Guarding Awareness     Read more

November 7, 2022

Lha Bab Duchen is one of the four great Buddhist holidays in the Tibetan tradition. This year it is November 15th. It’s a different day every year because Tibetans traditionally use a lunar calendar. The story is that the Buddha went up to heaven to teach his mother and some gods the path to Enlightenment. You see, the Buddha’s mother died when he was a child. The story is that the Buddha went to heaven for a week when he... Read more

October 14, 2022

This is a series of talks I gave based on the text “Faith in Mind”. You can listen to these in any order. I hope these teachings are helpful. Make Friends With Your Mind No Opinions The Mind's Essential Peace Vast Like Space Outer Entanglements and Inner Feelings Be Serene Denying Reality Appearances and the Root Cherishing Opinions The Old Mind Fearful and Irresolute Read more

October 8, 2022

“Though we think we want to be rid of suffering, suffering is exactly what we rush straight toward. And though we want to be happy, in our ignorance we destroy our own happiness like an enemy.” -Shantideva Buddhism has ethical teachings, just as other religions do. But there’s a subtle difference that I feel sets Buddhism apart. We work to cultivate virtue because it’s in our best interest. Buddhism teaches that doing unethical things gets in our own way. So,... Read more

October 1, 2022

This is part of a series of teachings from Jigme Lingpa’s Steps to the Great Perfection. This is a teaching from the Mind Training Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The first mind training in the Dzogchen tradition is Contemplating Impermanence. A text called The Child Scripture says, “Reflect on the fact that all conditioned phenomena are impermanent.” We tend to think we can hold onto things but we can’t. The truth is we are losing things all the time and we... Read more

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