Joyous and Wonderful

Joyous and Wonderful February 23, 2017

What we are trying to do on the Buddhist path is overcome the things that hinder us. The dharma is our path, but we are carrying everything along on the path with us. This includes our difficulties. Everything is part of the path and nothing is separate.

We are, in a very real way, part of the dharma already. This is a joyous and wonderful thing to realize.

We try to soften our attachment to the self through the discipline of mindfulness. We can dwell in harmony and tranquility if we just sit and meditate. There is a lot of freedom in being here now, in seeing things as they are.

We open up to the Dharma by dropping the preoccupations of the mind and simply paying attention. Meditation is what provides us an opportunity to do this. We want to sit and notice our discursive thoughts, letting them come and go without attaching to them.

Seeing things as they are helps us to tame our minds and to cool off the heat of suffering and to transcend the things that hinder us. Liberation is the wiping out of our habitual neuroses and preconceptions. This leads to tranquility and a sense of inner peace.

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