The Empty Field

The Empty Field February 19, 2018
Emptiness is a concept in Buddhism that people seem to struggle with a lot. People think it means that nothing exists or that nothing matters.
I think it means there’s nothing to hold on to.
This also means there’s unlimited potential. Emptiness and impermanence are ideas that seem scary at first glance, but that’s where potential comes in. We can improve things. We can transform our lives.
We just have to put down the things that don’t serve us. If we can overcome our baggage and delusions, then we can dwell in the bright empty field. We can rest in this emptiness, letting things unfold instead of trying to control everything and making enemies out of everything all the tie.
We can enter the circle of emptiness and find some peace.
"Well said Daniel. We all need a little more 'genuineness' in our relationships with others."

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