The Buddha Ascends the Platform

The Buddha Ascends the Platform January 25, 2021

This is case 1 from the Koan collection called “the Book of Equanimity”

Case 1. The Buddha Ascends the Platform.

The Buddha Ascended the Platform and took his seat. Manjushri struck the sounding post and said, “When you realize the Dharma King’s Dharma, the Dharma is just as it is.” At that, the Buddha descended the platform.

When the Buddha goes up, it means he’s about to give a teaching. Manjushri gives a weird announcement for the Buddha’s talk, and then the Buddha leaves.

The message is that it’s all just like this. There is a subtle teaching in letting everything be as it is. But letting things be as they are is hard for us. We’re always looking for deeper meanings and overthinking. The truth, the way, is right here in this moment. There’s nowhere else to find it. Sometimes we just need to let the world unfold.

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